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Family own and operated

  The Guanaquita was born in a little girls dream many years ago in El salvador. A little girl who learned everything from her grandmother, Lauriana Cordero, a very gentle and kind woman with a will  so strong that up to this day her words and teachings  resound in the life and  path of that little girl, who has grown up to be the owner of The Guanaquita Restaurant and she knows that her grandmother is very proud of her and from heaven she is always looking after her.


 What does "Guanaquita" mean? 

     "Guanaquita" comes from the name " Guanaco" meaning native Salvadorean.   "Guanaquita" means native salvadorian little girl.


Our Vision

To bring dishes that remind us of home, the food that our grandmothers and mothers would cook for us and the happy times with friends.

To share our culture with others. 


Our food

prepared fresh just like  home. 


The challenge

To Keep it authentic

To bring you our culture

To infuse our passion and love of cooking in every dish 





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